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Welcome to Detail Werks

Since 1984, Detail Werks has been providing quality detail service to southern California. Our goal is to give our clients a “Detail Experience” above and beyond their expectations. Whether your vehicle is a daily driver, or a concours level show car, Detail Werks will treat it as if it were our own. Our staff has been certified by Meguiar’s through their advanced training program, and is involved in the testing of new high tech compounds and finishing materials to provide you with the best results available.

With over 27 years of experience in the business, you can be sure Detail Werks will have a service package that fits your needs. From our entry-level Silver package to the premium-level Platinum package, all work will be performed with the passion and attention to detail your car deserves.

Over the years, Detail Werks has developed an exacting clientele. They expect extreme attention to detail when having their cars worked on. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have working relationships with many companies like Meguiar's, The Ford Motor Company, NADAguides, Webb Automotive Art, and Jim Meyer Enterprises.

So if you want a concours level detail for that classic, hotrod or exotic that you want to win best of show with or just want to keep that beauty in your garage to always look like it just came from the show room, Detail Werks has a service package to perfectly fit your needs.

    SILVER package by DetailWerks

    • Wheels, fender wells, tires, calipers, and barrels are cleaned with specific cleaner and ph balanced soap to remove brake dust and road grime
    • Door, trunk, hood jamb, and inner gas door area cleaned with a paint friendly cleanser and wiped clean
    • Bugs, road tar and debris, are removed using paint friendly cleanser
    • All painted surfaces are gently washed with a ph-balanced soap, to remove all loose debris, and rinsed with reverse osmosis water to prevent spotting, all excess water remove with air blower
    • Bonded contaminants removed, and paint rubbed smooth with Detailers clay to enhance paint clarity and smoothness
    • Exterior trim and rubber cleaned and protected with conditioner to prevent premature fading and cracking
    • Premium cleaner wax is machine (DA/Orbital) applied to clean and protect painted surfaces
    • Interior, including trunk is vacuumed spot cleaned and brushed
    • Interior surfaced are cleaned and softened with UV inhibiting conditioner
    • All windows cleaned to a sparkling finish inside and out
    • Final wipe down with Meguiar’s hydrophobic mist and wipe paint enhancer
    • - Estimated time: 3-5 hrs -

    GOLD package by DetailWerks

    • Same work as listed in silver package plus:
    • Paint is inspected for towel scratching, and swirls marks
    • Polish paint with gentle polish to remove towel scratches and swirl marks dramatically improving optical depth, and clarity
    • Premium Carnaba /Polymer wax is machine (DA/Orbital) applied to protect and enhance finish
    • Exterior metal is polished to a mirror like finish
    • All jambs are treated and sealed

    - Estimated time: 5-8 hrs -

    PLATINUM package by DetailWerks

    • Same work as listed in Gold and Silver packages plus:
    • All interior surfaces including headliner are meticulously detailed to a concourse level
    • Carpets are shampooed and brushed
    • Leather surfaced are cleaned, conditioned and revitalized with a 2 step process
    • Engine compartment is meticulously cleaned and conditioned
    • Rims, calipers, and visible suspension components are cleaned and sealed with a synthetic sealer
    • All paint imperfections are permanently removed and the clarity and depth is restored with a multi-step polishing process

    - Estimated time: 14+ hrs -

  • As the person who created the term "show car perfect" paint finishes as well as the products that make them possible, I never found a detailer that could detail my car better than me, until I met Derek Bemiss, President of Detail Werks. Derek's experience and knowledge is super-sized by his passion for giving you a "WOW" experience every time and on-time. After more than a decade of having Derek and his staff as my exclusive detailer, I cannot say enough about his integrity and character as well as his amazing talent.

    — Barry Meguiar - President - Meguiar's, Inc. —

    Traditionally the SEMA Show, the annual Fall gathering of the best of the best in custom/modified vehicles, has the most critics with regard to the finish of the vehicles on display. Everything has to be "beyond perfect" in order to pass the scrutiny of the most talented builders, media, and automotive enthusiasts in the world. For the past 7 years, Ford Motor Company has relied solely on the Professional Team from Detail Werks and the products they use from Meguiar's for all of our vehicle preparation, cleaning, and detailing. Their attention to detail, level of professional competency, and innate knowledge of the various paints, and surfacing materials used in today's high-tech paint finishes is simply second to nobody. In addition, their ongoing relationship with Meguiar's consistently has them in the forefront of the various ultra high-tech surfacing compounds and finishing materials being developed today.

    There is simply nobody in the industry today that does a better job than Derek Bemiss and the professional team at Detail Werks. They are the ONLY people we trust to detail and maintain our vehicles in the Ford Motor Company corporate displays at the SEMA Show.

    — Bob Adams (retired) - Ford Motor Company - Global Auto Shows & Events —

    I went through a number of detailers before I found Detail Werks. With this being said Detail Werks has taken care of my collection for over 10 years and I couldn't be happier. They manage the drive train maintenance, interior and exterior detailing and they exercise the cars quarterly. Detail Werks has 24 hour access to the buildings where cars are kept and they do a magnificent job. Bottom line, I trust Derek, Detail Werks' president, and he is a good person. Detail Werks makes owning a collection a wonderful experience and I am thankful to know them.

    — Don Christy Jr. - President/CEO NADAguides —

    We have worked with Derek and his crew for over ten years. From the Ford booth at SEMA to the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona and display vehicles at the NHRA Museum, Derek and his crew always go above and beyond. Detail Werks is the only company we trust to detail any of our vehicles.

    — Ashley Webb - Webb Automotive Art —

    In the past 20 years, I have worked with many detailers. Like any other service business, you have your OK detailers, really good detailers, and then...exceptional detailers. What makes an exception detailer is not just detailing skills. They must be able to serve the wants/needs of customers as well. Derek Bemiss, is an exceptional detailer. I regard him and his crew as skilled technicians in the top 5% of their game.


    In the 6 plus years I have been working with them, they have consistently demonstrated outstanding service and great results on vehicles. They truly exceed expectations.

    Detail Werks provides weekly service to Meguiar's executives and employees at our corporate office. Do you think it is easy to satisfy employees of a company that represent one of the highest quality and most distinguished car care products brands in the world? Detail Werks is up to the challenge and we are consistently pleased with their results.

    On behalf of Meguiar's, Derek was selected...yes chosen...to lead a group of detailers to detail and maintain Ford vehicles during the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas. You have to be better than good to get this gig.

    Derek is a proud member...again, by invitation only...of a team of pre-market product testers that evaluate and provide quality feedback to our global product development team at Meguiar's. Only trusted people get in this inner circle. Only capable and honest detailers participate in this elite group. Meguiar's makes product development decisions based on Derek's feedback. It's a role I know he takes seriously. And Meguiar's is proud to have his contribution.

    So if you are a current client of Detail Werks, I know you must consider yourself fortunate. If you are a potential new customer and you are checking him out for the first time...my sincere hope and recommendation is that you give Detail Werks a try. In my role with Meguiar's (product development, technical service, and training) I am exposed to a lot of detailers all over the world. Without hesitation, I give Derek Bemiss and Detail Werks my highest recommendation. I trust you will be pleased with his service and results.

    — Jason Rose - Meguiar's, Inc. —
    • Wash the windshield wipers using the sponge or mitt reserved for harsh applications. Also windshield wipers can be made to last longer with occasional dressing (Meguiar’s #40 rubber and vinyl cleaner conditioner) treatments.
    • Apply a coating of graphite oil to your antenna mast. This will make raising and lowering it easier and will make an electric unit more reliable.
    • Most of the time it is best to apply a spray product to an application cloth, rather than directly on the surface being treated. This will prevent over spray from affecting nearby areas.
    • Put your hand in an ordinary sandwich baggie (the thin kind, not the thick rugged ones) and spray a test are on the paint with a clay lubricant. Then very gently move your hand back and forth across the lubricated test area. If the surface feels rough, this is a good indication that your paint needs a clay treatment.
    • If your car has been repainted, consult the painter regarding how long you have to wait before you wax your car. New paint needs to "cure" (time in which the solvents that are part of the process dissipate). Applying wax, which seals the paint, will interfere with this process. New cars do not have a waiting time before waxing requirement, as their paint is cured in ovens at the factory and are cured quickly.
    • When cleaning glass, use a vertical motion for the exterior, and a horizontal motion for the interior. If you have any streaking, you won't have to guess which side of the windshield it's on.
    • Always attend to bird droppings as soon as they appear. Their content is very harmful to your paint and is a good reason to keep your car detailed regularly as it will help prevent unnecessary damage. When cleaning bird droppings, resist the temptation to scrub hard as the material is course and can cause scratches. Try spraying the area with water or your favorite “mist and wipe” product and then “dab” the area to remove the offending material.

Detailing prices are subject to size and condition of vehicle as well as special requests. For more information and pricing on the various packages offered by Detail Werks, please fill out the form below and email us with your specifics. A representative will follow up and contact you to discuss your needs.